If you are looking for a quintessential North Norfolk break close to picturesque country walks and quay boat excursions, then Morston is the location for you.

This north Norfolk village nestled on the coast is close to other popular villages of interest Blakeney and Cley-next-the-sea. Steeped in history and like its neighbouring village, Morston once was an important seaport 400 years ago. Still a busy harbour, but now home to a small number of fishing boats, leisure craft and locally operated ferry trips departing for Blakeney Point to view England’s largest Grey Seal colony.

Morston Quay is situated within the shelter of Blakeney Point. The point forms a wonderful backdrop to the quay area, with it’s salt marshes in the foreground. Perfect for keen bird watchers, who could likely catch a glimpse of brent geese, little egrets, spoonbills, marsh harriers and many more.

As well as being famous for its quay, Morston’s Salt Marshes are a keen area of interest and place of outstanding beauty. Taking in this unique landscape with its big skies, haunting (haunting sounds a bit creepy/spooky – look for a more positive descriptive word) scenery and meandering tidal creeks on foot is an absolute must. The saltmarshes, shingle ridges, spits and sand dunes are home to a wide range of rare coastal plants including many nationally important species, as well as being a rich area for terns, wildfowl, and waders.

If you want to sample the culinary delights that this area has to offer, then you’re in luck as country house Morston Hall owned by well-known chef Galton Blackiston, is one of only two restaurants with a Michelin star on this stretch of coast.

Morston is a place that will not disappoint and presents something for everyone.

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