Seven Foodie & Boozie Places That Deliver To Your Door This Valentine’s

We know it’s not cool to say this, but we have such a soft spot for Valentine’s Day. We love the cute childhood memories of receiving cards with handwriting that looked like mums, the pile of teddy bears accumulated through the teens, the heart-shaped boxes of fancy chocolate and even those awkward “so what are we?” conversations across the restaurant table. But best of all, we love the fact there’s a day dedicated to showing off your romantic side and expressing your deep feelings of love, particularly your deep love for food.

Yet this year will be slightly different. Instead of there being that annual dash to make a romantic dinner reservation somewhere special, like No.Twenty9 or Morston Hall, we’ll all be looking for ways to celebrate romance in the comfort of our homes and, you know what, we quite like that idea.

But whether you’re dreaming of a dining room filled with flickering tea lights as Sinatra croons through your Alexa or you’re looking forward to swapping your glad rags for those flannel pyjamas as you settle into the sofa, there’s one thing that guarantees to make this Valentine’s Day feel as special as all those that came before it: good food and fine wine. 

So without further ado, here are the foodie (and boozie) hotspots that will deliver to your door and make your taste buds dance like it’s 2019:
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