Six Places That Are Perfect For Your Christmas Day Walk!

Sing along, everyone: “It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the year.” Especially Christmas Day. After another gorgeously festive December full of ice skating dates, steaming mugs of hot cocoa, decorating the house with whatever you could find under the stairs, dropping hints as to what you want, looking for hints as to what your other-half wants, shopping for handmade gifts at your local Christmas Market and inhaling more mulled wine than you care to admit, Christmas Day is all about family and food. Okay, and presents, but mainly family and food — and there’s no better way to enjoy your family while earning that food than a pre-turkey walk.


Whether you’re staying with ourselves or you’re a local, this one is for you! Click here to read the full blog and we promise, if you weren’t feeling too festive you will be now!